IMG_2701So weary of hearing that anything, ANYTHING, I eat is bad for me and going to give me cancer.

“Wheat will destroy you!” they shout…..so we switch to rice.  “Rice is full of arsenic and will cause cancer!” is the next dire warning.  And carrots have arsenic I just read.  I EAT CARROTS EVERYDAY!!


Having read this, that and the other, I’ve gotta believe that meat, dairy, refined sugar and oils are more of a threat to good health than fruits and vegetables and grains are.

And if arsenic in rice is such a cancer-causer, why are cancer rates lower in Japan and China where they eat rice much more than people do in the USA?

I think I need a break from all the advice that is meant to help me.  If I believed all of the contradictory and dire warnings, there would be no food or drink that would make the cut.  Seriously.  Every food I believe to be good for us has been bashed by somebody.


I think this guy:      G Chang   has some good advice:

August 28, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I think the arsenic-in-rice alarm raised by Consumer Reports exaggerates the danger, possibly causing readers to take actions that actually harm their health. If you quantify the harm, you’ll see that this is a minor issue compared to other dangers you face in your daily life. Take a look at my calculations at http://ataridogdaze.com/recipe/arsenic-rice.html

Significant Health and Safety Hazards Under Your Control
  • Have you stopped (or did you never start) smoking? CDC
  • Do you maintain a healthy weight? CDC
  • Do you drink alcohol moderately (or not at all)? “Moderately” means no more than two drinks per day for a man or one drink per day for a woman. CDC
  • Do you drive a car only while free of influence from alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and distracting electronic devices? Do you always obey traffic laws and wear your seat belt? NHTSA
  • Do you refrain from using illegal drugs, and from using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes? NIH
  • If your household has firearms, are they securely locked out of sight, and accessible only to responsible, emotionally stable adults? HSPH
  • Do you always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing or eating food, and after using the toilet or taking care of a sick person? CDC
  • Do you exercise at least 30 minutes every day? CDC
  • Do you eat at least five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day? HSPH
  • Do you consume no more than one or two sugary drinks per week? HSPH
  • Do you consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day if you are young and healthy, or no more than 1,500 mg per day otherwise? CDC



November Harvest

IMG_2934Late bloomers:  Carrots from the garden………….perfect addition to a smoothie and crunchy good all by themselves .  A lovely antidote to the cold and snow that is on the way tonight!

NaBloPoMo and Things Like That

I’d like to participate in some of these WordPress things like:  NaBloPoMo but I’m never quite sure how to link to stuff even when I read the directions.  I am directionally challenged.




A Good Planner Gone Too Far

And I am falling far behind…..

Mostly in my mind

In real time I am fine

Fit as a fiddle

Right as rain

And many other clichés

that I could name

Tackling imagined problems

-they do not exist-

still there is hardly an eventuality

my mind would want to miss

Analyze and scrutinize,

Stop.  Breathe more slowly,

close my eyes

can’t live in tomorrow

though I have tried

It will be what it will be

Let the future come to me




Every day it’s the same old thing: variety

IMG_2895 IMG_2896Simple, healthy, tasty and vegan, all at the same time.  The rotini includes cheese made with a blend of cashews and nutritional yeast and almond milk.  The wilted spinach with fresh tomatoes and green onions took seconds to prepare and a couple of minutes to cook.  Mushrooms were sautéed in water with a garlic-pepper seasoning. 


Starting Now

I occasionally become overwrought

and believe my every single thought

especially if one is ominous

even when it is preposterous

The track record of my thoughts

is laughable

I’d rather be unflappable

handling problems when they exist

in more than my imagination

Because anything is possible

that doesn’t make it probable

I could  be okay while I am

starting now






Sunset in the Park

IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2849 IMG_2850



               I walked about

The sky drew me in

Oh, right

Today is the day

of a partial solar eclipse

I missed that sight

though I looked up for a glimpse

Caught this sky instead

My discombobulated day closed on a high note

An almost overwhelming

emotional jolt










Eat to Live or Eat an Oreo Cookie, That Is the Question

I wish I could eat an Oreo cookie

Saw one just the other day

It had orange filling in it for Halloween

This unholy craving is getting in my way

I wish I hated eating Oreo cookies

I wish this to be a passing threat

It’s been years since one has crossed my lips

And lately I can say, one hasn’t snared me yet

A brief interference in intelligent choices

Good sense will surely come back around

Amidst the call of mixed-up inner voices

A cacophony of cookies shall not bring me down

For now

Portabella dinner


Can I Get a Witness?

IMG_2683Incessant mental noise

casts a shadow

Is this true?

Observe it

and the static abates

freedom awaits

Are all problems illusions?

Like Eckhart Tolle said?

Some of them feel damn real to me

rattling in my head

Stop cluttering up the place

believing problem-making thoughts

Deal with it

should a situation arise.

On occasion,

do nothing

See if it resolves

without fierce and frantic fixes

Can I get a witness?



Missing Summer