Sunset in the Park

IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2849 IMG_2850



               I walked about

The sky drew me in

Oh, right

Today is the day

of a partial solar eclipse

I missed that sight

though I looked up for a glimpse

Caught this sky instead

My discombobulated day closed on a high note

An almost overwhelming

emotional jolt










Eat to Live or Eat an Oreo Cookie, That Is the Question

I wish I could eat an Oreo cookie

Saw one just the other day

It had orange filling in it for Halloween

This unholy craving is getting in my way

I wish I hated eating Oreo cookies

I wish this to be a passing threat

It’s been years since one has crossed my lips

And lately I can say, one hasn’t snared me yet

A brief interference in intelligent choices

Good sense will surely come back around

Amidst the call of mixed-up inner voices

A cacophony of cookies shall not bring me down

For now

Portabella dinner


Can I Get a Witness?

IMG_2683Incessant mental noise

casts a shadow

Is this true?

Observe it

and the static abates

freedom awaits

Are all problems illusions?

Like Eckhart Tolle said?

Some of them feel damn real to me

rattling in my head

Stop cluttering up the place

believing problem-making thoughts

Deal with it

should a situation arise.

On occasion,

do nothing

See if it resolves

without fierce and frantic fixes

Can I get a witness?



Missing Summer


October Sky in Kalamazoo

IMG_2813What a beautiful day it was

What a beautiful day it will be

and I get to be here

to see these things

right here

right now

What are the odds of that?

Don’t want to miss it

or worry it away





Today was John Lennon’s birthday.   Wish he were here.  He provided a good perspective.  I like that he seemed to be searching for some kind of truth and didn’t blindly follow the politically correct path.  Lennon_0168

Oh happy day

The day after my birthday

IMG_0737is basically just

October 8


the birthday ambiance


October 7th

It’s the day I was born

Only decades later

Time is so fickle

It fools me

into thinking

I have plenty of time

and no time at allIMG_1142



The Source

I speak a prayer

to the source

of life and graceIMG_1395

energy and time

goodness and space

A Conglomeration of Sorts

My Mac Book Pro is in the shop

My writing halts and almost stops

I often write with ink and pen

I think I will, I think I can

The paper crinkles up and then

I smooth it out and try again

The night is young but I am not

My Mac Book Pro is in the shop

Will it come back and work for me?

and only God can make a tree.

See, that may rhyme but where’s the sense?

I’ve lost my grip on present tense

I stutter and stammer and run out of steam

incoherently trying to spell out a dream

Sometimes I wish I would leave me alone

and wait for my laptop to find its way home

Writing a poem does not make me a poet

and without a doubt, it’s the truth and I know it

Non sequiturs and nonsense and the word, incremental

are surely unconnected, and only incidental

since words ebb and flow as a matter of course

but less-the-none and none-the less

my Mac Book Pro is in the shop

My writing halts and then it stops