A Conglomeration of Sorts

My Mac Book Pro is in the shop

My writing halts and almost stops

I often write with ink and pen

I think I will, I think I can

The paper crinkles up and then

I smooth it out and try again

The night is young but I am not

My Mac Book Pro is in the shop

Will it come back and work for me?

and only God can make a tree.

See, that may rhyme but where’s the sense?

I’ve lost my grip on present tense

I stutter and stammer and run out of steam

incoherently trying to spell out a dream

Sometimes I wish I would leave me alone

and wait for my laptop to find its way home

Writing a poem does not make me a poet

and without a doubt, it’s the truth and I know it

Non sequiturs and nonsense and the word, incremental

are surely unconnected, and only incidental

since words ebb and flow as a matter of course

but less-the-none and none-the less

my Mac Book Pro is in the shop

My writing halts and then it stops















Morning Breaks

sunrise 9-2014Morning breaks

and we awaken

For all our sakes

the night is forsaken

We breathe in the new

and think about bacon

but we try to be vegan

so that option’s not taken

I wish bacon was a plant



Leaning Towards Maybe

Originally posted on robinbenjamin4:

IImage‘m leaning towards maybe
and that’s as certain as I get
we might be there tomorrow
or not
I can’t say yet

I’m just a cock-eyed pessimist
with my chair perched toward the door
I think it’s safe to stay here
but you never know for sure

Sometimes I feel so happy
I forget to get upset
but the world is quite unstable
and I haven’t fixed it yet

So I observe and feel quite anxious
I observe and feel quite glad
to engage is from my mother
to be cautious, from my dad

It doesn’t mean I’m crazy
and it doesn’t mean I’m not
On some days I am quite content
and thrilled with what I’ve got

It’s all a contradiction
that plays out in my head
but I’d rather be confused and here
than absolute
and dead

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Awake in the Night

Will we speak

a universal truthGetAttachment

As we seek

our own specific route?


Meandering in hazy suppositions

As black and white fade softly in the distance

Everything becomes the way it is

In spite of us and all our oppositions

Because of us, less often than imagined


Hoping for the best of what’s expected

Working out what may have been neglected

Count us in.  Out.  In.

Laughing with pure joy when we can

Until our turn is over,

jig is up,

bell has rung,

game is called.


Discombobulated – Is it even a word?

scan0042A word I like

is underrated

It rings, it’s





Step Out of the Dark

GetAttachmentBlue sky

Sunny day

Why on earth

Dreariness envelopes

Puncture that

and step out

Step out of the dreary

and into the light

Looks like nothing can stop you

Only you


Today is Fine


Happy times

   and mashed potatoes

News that’s good

  and fresh tomatoes

Sweet dreams

  and summer breezes

Rhyming words

   and funny sneezes

Sunny days

   that warm the pavement

Cool nights

   that come to save us

All the good

   that finds us here


  and draw it near




As If

It was inevitable.

She wondered if.

She didn’t think.

She did, too.

Was she so off the mark?

It helped when she remembered.

Then it would be time.

She shook her head as if.

But it was her.

She would do

That always appealed.

See how that word insinuates?

Parched and Wandering

The fragmentation of fear

conspires to lead me

away from life

as it can be lived

in a manner more free

Will I choose another path?

hidden though it may be

allowing joy to take its place

Blessings in disguise

Blessings positioned


as problems

Rain.   Softly.

Greeted with gratitude.



Chili – this is life, too


This is life, too

Pick the peppers in the garden

Chop the onions one-by-one

Soak the beans

Soak up the sun

Breathe in the summer air

Find your particular peace

It is waiting over there

Take it up

Try it on

Let it be

It is clear

It is forever

It is here

Every day, in every way

hold it near