Parched and Wandering

The fragmentation of fear

conspires to lead me

away from life

as it can be lived

in a manner more free

Will I choose another path?

hidden though it may be

allowing joy to take its place

Blessings in disguise

Blessings positioned


as problems

Rain.   Softly.

Greeted with gratitude.



Chili – this is life, too


This is life, too

Pick the peppers in the garden

Chop the onions one-by-one

Soak the beans

Soak up the sun

Breathe in the summer air

Find your particular peace

It is waiting over there

Take it up

Try it on

Let it be

It is clear

It is forever

It is here

Every day, in every way

hold it near


I’d Like To…

I haven’t found the words to say

since long before I knew

that life will carry on and on

providing hints and clues

I’d like to be a joyful soul

I’d like to find a heart-felt goal

I’d like to recognize the whole,

the good and the sublime

I’d like to wake up fairly soon

while I still have the time

The No-Blues Blues

I have penciled myself in to be happy today

to be light of heart and free of angst

It is on the schedule

I will not miss this opportunityred pot white flowers


Thank You Alanis Morissette

Thank you for this one!

Just a Little Bit of a Harvest


I Wake Up

I wake up and my pen has nothing to say to me

I set off to start the day

and turn from my misery

Everything is so good

How dare I feel so lost

Usually I understand

I’m willing to share the cost

of life that is sometimes hard

of life that is mostly fine

I’d like to know what it is

keeps us this side of that dark line


Would that I be in the mood
for the moment
in the moment

I never let it go right away
I never do
Until I do

Would that I would see all the good
for the moment
in the moment

I want to let it be what it is
while it is
without care

Right away
for the moment
right today

Perfection Optional

Things that I like that I’ve learned through yoga………….

Loving kindness prayer:     May you be free from inner or outer harm; may you be happy and peaceful; may you be healthy and strong and may you look after yourselves joyfully

                                                                        Namaste means:    The divine light in me acknowledges the divine light in you

While doing yoga, I often wonder if I’m getting it right.

Same concern in my day-to-day life.

Seems rather important to me to get things right.

At work, as a wife, as a mother, daughter, sister, student, you name it

It works best when I just let yoga happen and enjoy the process. 

That seems to apply in regular life, too.

In the process of yoga, I become stronger, more balanced and at ease

even when I don’t get every detail just so

In the process of life, I become stronger, more balanced and at ease

even when I don’t get every detail just soIMG_2315

Sometimes I even remember that

May it happen more often

Fiction: A Funny Thing Happened…


Summer Rerun:

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A Beginning…..part I in a series

9951970-the-reverse-side-of-the-mail-envelopeLet me begin by saying that it was never my intention to interfere.  I had hoped things would settle themselves and my participation would be unnecessary.  In fact, that would have been the preferred outcome as far as I’m concerned.  Sometimes circumstances conspire to affect an outcome so unusual that it becomes ridiculous.  This is all in the way of introducing my proposition to you.

I read the note and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud.  Who was this person?  The style reminded me of a mystery writer and not a bad one, really.  Sort of old school.  I half expected Hercule Poirot (a name I never could pronounce) to come popping in from around the corner.  I continued to read, intrigued by the promised “proposition.”

As the note unfolded it began to become clear that the aforementioned proposition…

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