It’s Complicated

If you want hell,

imagine the future

someone said

But what if you would like joy instead?

Notice where you are now, be focused on this

Something is brewing that you don’t want to miss

While fixating on what could happen ahead,

you are distracted and grim, so look up instead

It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Even when if feels like it is

If it’s thinking that makes it so

the brilliant thing might be

knowing when to let the thinking go

Believing all the mind’s thoughts

can be detrimental to your soul


If I had less responsibility, would I relax?

Or would I find something to worry about no matter the facts?

If I stop worrying, will everything fail?

So far it hasn’t

even when I forget to worry and wail.

I am sick of worrying

I don’t even like the word

Oh, wait, I embrace the worry.

Maybe that’s the key.

I am the worry.

The worry is me.

When worry is helpful

I can give it its say

otherwise, I leave it to rest

and when I can

I do my best

as I start this beautiful day







The Incidents of Aging

The physics of it all have had their way with me

I notice in the mirror and the photos that I see

What the hell is that?

What happened to my face?

My hands look like my Mother’s

I see it’s now a race

to see who ages first

to see who ages best

But I’m learning to accept it

along with all the rest

It’s not a cause for shame

It’s not a cause for blame

The lines and sags are signs of life

I gratefully concede

the price we pay for living long

for living strong

for living without greed

I’d rather take it gracefully

if you would ask

than end up like a static, plastic,

sad and desperate mask





To Live Well

A Shot in the Dark in the Midst of April

It is almost time

It is not too late

Do I believe in God?

Do I believe in fate?

Soon, it will become

Soon, it will arrive

There is no delay

There is time to thrive


It is almost the hour

It is not too soon

Do I believe in second chances?

Do I believe in the man in the moon?

My turn is now

The choice is clear

The names are being called

I’m here.



Funny Bunny

I never believed in the Easter bunny

Always struck me as rather funny

I never believed it, I never did

even as a little kid

I thought it more than a touch absurd

though at the time I thought it

that was not my word


I believe, I believe,

it’s silly but I believe


The stuff foisted on us

 can make me laugh today

but they colored my thinking

mixing things up that way

Truth and fantasy collide

and take us on a bumpy ride

But the candy was goodOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Pomodori Rossi

Advice in Cliches

Take a chill pill

Cool one’s jets

hang loose, decompress

Regain composure

Swim down stream

Keep one’s shirt on

Live the dream


What is it now?

Scratch, scratch, scratching at my mind

Insisting on my attention

Sapping me of my sense of invention


When will it learn?

That in spite of good intention

It is overprotective     

and over-focused on prevention


How will it know?

that I am changing my predilection

and easing into becoming

fundamentally composed


Flawed and focused

Fierce and calm

In the face of life

I carry on

Italian Lessons

My daughter goes to Italy

I always wanted to go

I drive to Three Oaks instead

It’s closer, doncha’ know

But it’s not the same.


Why do I resist the urge

to travel far away?

What do I think will happen?

I don’t know where I’d stay

I don’t know if I’ll like it

and want to go back home

But it’s the same


And then there is the airport part

and planes that fly, oh God, my heart

I want to be adventurous

Instead, I find it treacherous

and some how out of reach

and after all is said and done

I just go to the beach

But it’s not the same