A Funny Thing – Part 2

“Hi.  Dagny is it?”

I nod.

“I’m Tad, your neighbor?”

Ah, that’s why he looked familiar.  I usually manage to avoid my neighbors  – not on purpose – it just happens, but I see him every now and then.

“Yes?”  I fell into his ‘questions-as-conversation’ pattern.

“Well, I thought maybe we could talk?  You know, about your letter?”

“My letter?”  How the hell did he know about my letter.   Unless  – could he have written it?  And would one of us ever utter a declarative sentence?

“Yes, “ he continued with determination in his voice.  “Your letter.  You sent me this, “ he waved a piece of paper in my direction.  “Why? Would you think to even suggest this to me.  We’ve hardly even met, so I’m a little confused.”

“Me too.  In fact, I’m a lot confused.   I haven’t suggested anything.  What do you think I’ve suggested?”

He blushed.  He actually blushed.  “Could I maybe come in.  This is rather… it is difficult to discuss like this.”  He glanced around, furtively, if I may say so.

“Look, Tad, are you saying you received a letter from me?  Because I never sent you a letter.”  Why would I send him a letter?

He made no comment as he pushed the somewhat crumpled light blue sheet of paper toward me.

I took it.  I skimmed its contents.  I  looked right.  I looked left.  I grabbed his arm.  I pulled him inside.


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