Section Seven – Chips Ahoy

IMG_0609Perhaps I’m just thinking too hard and that’s getting in the way of finding a solution.  One of those paradoxes of life.  The ying and the yang, not to mention the walla, walla, bing bang.
It is important to just walk away sometimes.  Often that is when a situation is resolved.  Or resolves itself.  I wonder if I actually need to ever make a decision at all.  It seems decisions evolve rather than get decided.  Do I need to be so focused and fierce?  Probably not.  Which is a way of explaining why I decided (or let it be decided) to take a long walk on the beach and just focus on fresh air, sunshine and a walk and a run and a walk and a stroll and let it all float away.  Apparently Tad had the same decision thrust upon him.  Yep, I bumped into him while walking backwards and singing, “My friend the witch doctor he told me what to do – my friend the witch doctor he told me what to say, he said ooh eeh ooh ah ah, ting tang walla walla….”  Well, you get the idea.  Not my most gracious moment.

I hardly ever bump into people while running backwards on this particular section of beach and I probably wouldn’t have done so this time, had he not been facing the opposite direction, eating what turned out to be a chicken salad sandwich on rye and wondering if he should have brought a drink with him.

“Ow, what the ….”  He turned quickly and so did I.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry.”  I chimed in.

“I meant to , planned to call you later, “ he announced a little too quickly if you ask me.

I choose to believe this.  He continued, “I called the guy who sent the letter?  He is certifiable.”

“I know!  I called him, too.  Can his name really be Chips?  He didn’t sound like a Chips.”

“Chips, yeah, “ Tad laughed and shook his head.  “That’s hilarious, isn’t it?”

“He really didn’t give me any useful information.  How about you?”

“A little.  Seems somebody really done him wrong and revenge is, according to him, and I quote, ‘the best revenge’ – forget living well.  He seems to think we could even the score for him.  I asked him how we were chosen and he said he found us through a search of street addresses, then once he established a proximity factor, we were more or less randomly selected.”

“That figures.  I never win any random contest.  This I win.”

We walked on for awhile all quiet and cozy.

“Did he tell you his plan of attack?”

“No.  Not yet anyway.  He said he ruled me out after you called him acting all hysterical….”

“I was not hysterical!”  I protested rather a bit hysterically I must admit.

“Chips says you were quite hysterical, in fact.”

“Chips is a looney.”

“Well put.  Want to meet him with me?”

“In my mind, I’m already there.”


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