Thinking It Over (over thinking it)


In the geography of health, I am in a good place.
Blood pressure down.
Eating good food.
Essentially, vegan diet.
Minimal gluten. Lots of real, unprocessed food.
and now…
I have an appointment for a yearly physical
and my imagination kicks in

What if something is wrong and I just don’t know it?
Plus, should I get a mammogram every year OR NOT!?
The advice is so mixed.
Risks vs benefits and all that.

Some things I am firm on and convinced about.
I am not ever taking statins in my particular state of being,
since my good cholesterol is great and the bad stuff is not that high
and the ratio of the two is very good.
Plus, after much reading on it,
I’m convinced, that diet and exercise have a stronger impact
on overall well-being that a specific cholesterol number

Also, I am not taking a bone density drug (like Boneva).
Too many dreadful side effects and all that I’ve read seems to concede
that although it does build bone density, it does not decrease the occurrence of fractures in any given study.  What the #@#@@##! Isn’t that the whole point?
So, I’m not taking those and, Sally Field, why would you make those commercials?  You are not a doctor or a researcher and people actually listen to you — you might encourage them to make their own decisions based on their own individual situation.  Why would you want their spontaneous fractures of the femur on your head (so to speak) even if it is rare?

…but I digress….My bones aren’t as dense as the used to be, and, on occasion, neither am I.  I’ll take my chances.  I’ve fallen a few times in the last decade and ….. no broken anything.

So why do I worry as soon as I schedule a yearly exam?  It’s my fall-back reaction and I wish I would stop it.  I imagine catastrophes because bad things do happen to people and no mater how healthy I think I am, it could all go kerploohey at any time.

It seems ungrateful of me and ungracious to destroy the joy of this moment by wallowing in angst over an imaginary future disaster when people are dealing with actual troubles.

Any advice on how not to despair and worry and over-focus on any little anomaly and turn it into a tragic scenario?

I will try my husband’s advice.  I asked him for suggestions on how not to worry (because he is very centered about that sort of thing).  His advice?  “Stop it!  Just, stop it!”

It could work.  But I may need more specifics.  Anyone?  Bueller?

     “The mind is everything.  What you think, you become”  — Buddha


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