Some thoughts on “eat-to-live” approach

ImageUpdate on the “eat to live” diet:

My blood pressure is consistently low now — as it was in my twenties.  What is the cause?

Could be:
Hardly any dining out — maybe one time each week.  This eliminates an incredible amount of salt so it could be that.  Hardly any meat — maybe tuna or chicken once a week or so for one meal.   Hardly any gluten — bread twice a week or so?   No dairy — at all.  Yoga twice a week.  All of the above?

Anyway, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be healthier and feel better than I was and than I did.

Turns out there are metaphysical realities at play.  If you eat an inordinate amount of salt and sugar and fat, there are consequences.  And animal products can wreak a little havoc with the system. 

Eating meat has become so overdone it starts to seem ridiculous.  Plus, the way animals are treated is often painful to ponder.  I don’t see myself as a fanatic about it, but our sense of compassion has to kick in.  The mass production of living creatures becomes a problem.

But I digress.  I usually do.

May happiness follow us like a shadow.
May shadows follow us like happiness.


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