Eat to Live Update

ImageHad lab work done and the results were good.

Putting the focus on whole-foods and ditching the processed stuff, continues to yield good results.

Cholesterol went down another 20 points; blood pressure down to normal levels; iron and hemoglobin back to normal range (was too high; due to animal products?); thyroid number improved, too.   These are things that I thought would be on-going problems – attributing them to aging or genetics.  Instead, they seem to be moving back to numbers from my younger years.

I realize there are no magic solutions, but it does seem that we can affect our own health by what we eat.  

It’s not always easy and it is quite a transformation, but to feel better every single day, is a great encouragement to continue.

I hardly ever get a headache now — used to get one every two weeks or so, eczema (or whatever that itchy elbow thing was) gone!  Smoother skin on feet, even.  I continue to lose weight, gradually and am almost to my goal (about 7 pounds to go).  The weight loss is not the main goal — the healthy feeling and being is the main goal; so whatever health challenges lie ahead, at least I’m going in strong and maybe even avoiding some.

No dairy, minimal gluten, limited grains, very little meat and lots of delicious greens, berries, beans, onions, mushrooms (cooked), some seeds and nuts, all kinds of vegetables and fruits — good stuff.

If you think, OH, I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT….(fill in the blank)……THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVED, TOO!!  It turns out when you feel so much better, it starts to feel more like you could never go back to eating the way you did.

I had a lot of years in which I ate dairy and meat and processed foods along with healthy stuff, and so now how could I choose to feel deprived?  Enough is enough.

P.S.  I occasionally have a piece of cake.  I am not a fanatic. 🙂



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