There’s more of gravy than of angst…

ImageAwake.  That’s a word I like.  And yet when I lie in bed at night, and sleep is beyond my grasp, and I find myself perpetually awake, it becomes a less likeable word.  One more of those parodoxes, I suppose.  Is parodoxes even a word?

I do think, though, in those wide-awake scenarios, that I am grateful to be wide-awake in a nice cozy bed, in a nice safe place…..facts not to be overlooked and unappreciated.  The less I worry about being awake and all of the ramifications on my psyche and my next day work-ability, the more inclined I am to just let it happen.  The occasional night of insomnia will likely not damage a person. 

Less caffeine has helped.   Eating nutrient-dense food has helped.  It may be more predictable and therefore more often avoidable than I previously believed.  I may be wound up a bit too tight to begin with, so these diet-related factors may be important to consider.  To shamelessly paraphrase Dickens:   It may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato…there’s more of gravy than of angst, causing this insomniatic reaction.


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