Daily Prompt A to Z: A poem

As the truth unfolded
Before the day awoke
Certain to be scolded
Daisy had a smoke

Even though she quit already
Frequently, in fact,
Goodness knew she was unsteady
How could she ignore the pact?

If she only could have lasted
Just a few more days
Kept her word and fasted
Leaving those old ways

Mostly she was strong
Not disposed to waver
Only now she got it wrong
Plopping out of favor

Quit! Quit! Quit!
Raved her raving mind
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Trouble she would find

Until she found a substitute
Very soon, she hoped
Would that she would crave a fruit
X will mark the days she coped

Yearning for a hopeful sign
Zooming toward the finish line – cigarette in hand.


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