Is it ironic? Ah, honey, I don’t know.

Irony was the word.  The tenth word….and if Google Images tell me anything, it is that many, many people do not fully grasp the concept of irony.  Perhaps I need to include myself in that group, although I am under the illusion that I do grasp the concept.

Can persons worry, for example, about health so much that they become overly stressed and distraught and thereby cause the very ill health they were trying to avoid?  That would be ironic, doncha’ think?  …and provide one more thing to worry about, causing more stress, WHAT CAN HAPPEN!!–AARGGHHH!

But WAIT, maybe that’s not irony at all!  Unless worry was specifically prescribed to improve health and then ended up having a negative effect.  If I eat mushrooms to improve my health and end up getting sick from eating mushrooms, THAT would be ironic.  Is that it?

I persist in the face of possibly insurmountable odds, most of which I toss into my own path.



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