Negative Nutrition

IMG_1733I might have come up with a new phrase for junk food:  Negative nutrition

I reviewed my day yesterday and there were several incidences of negative nutrition.

Potato chips, a doughnut from the apple orchard bakery, a slice of blueberry pie, mozzarella cheese, and unsalted roasted peanuts (which may or may not be considered junk food, depending on who is talking about them).

It was an unusual day for me in my choices of food (or food-like substances); I don’t usually include deserts in my daily fare since they don’t add nutrients and instead deplete them.   In my defense, I also included many good sources of nutrition, they were just off-set by the other stuff and I ended up feeling all sad and emotional by the end of the day.  Coincidence?  Maybe; maybe not.

Ah, well, today I will focus on the nutrient-dense foods and call this a glitch in the system and not an everyday thing.


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