Varients on Eat to Live


So, anyway, I have stalled on the weight loss in February and I blame February.  Now that it’s March I think I will lose these final ten pounds.  

I think maybe I just eat more comfort foods in winter (along with the more nutrient dense foods) and it just adds up to too many empty calories.  Also, with the lack of sunshine, I have been eating eggs on occasion and salmon to try to pick up some Vitamin D, so my focus on being strictly vegan has taken a turn. 

The good news is, this is a glitch and not a reversion to unhealthy eating patterns.  I am not tempted to go back in any permanent way — I am tempted, instead,  to carry on.  I miss how much better I feel on the good stuff even though I think the exceptions also insure that I stay focused because the idea of NEVER eating a cookie or NEVER eating bacon, might be the very thing that keeps a person from even trying.  At least it is bacon without nitrates and from humanely raised farms so there’s that.    Maybe that’s just making excuses.  I’ll consider that.


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