Stating the obvious?


Whenever I read that it’s not WHAT you eat that makes you overweight, but it’s all about quantity, I have to say NOT TRUE.  When I eat whole foods, I lose excess weight, when I eat processed foods, I gain. Of course, this has  just been my own experience.  I have not developed a double-blind study.   It just seems obvious.  I could be wrong.

And….I feel better and my skin looks healthier.  So, it’s not all about “calories in vs.  energy expended”.  It irks me when I hear a medical expert of some sort, asserting in some condescending tone, that it’s all about calories, as if we’re all a bunch of dunces. 

My hope is that it is okay to occasionally eat a cookie and not compromise health and stability, but as daily fare, it doesn’t seem to enhance anything.








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