Italian Lessons

My daughter goes to Italy

I always wanted to go

I drive to Three Oaks instead

It’s closer, doncha’ know

But it’s not the same.


Why do I resist the urge

to travel far away?

What do I think will happen?

I don’t know where I’d stay

I don’t know if I’ll like it

and want to go back home

But it’s the same


And then there is the airport part

and planes that fly, oh God, my heart

I want to be adventurous

Instead, I find it treacherous

and some how out of reach

and after all is said and done

I just go to the beach

But it’s not the same




3 responses to “Italian Lessons

  1. not is not, but the fact that you talk about means you may want to get out and away from what stops you… I just flew back to Italy a few days ago from California and it’s really worth the trip, the airports and the extermination of any fear. once you move you’ll realize it was shadows holding you back and they get smaller and smaller 🙂
    hope you get to visit here…


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