A Work in Progress

“Replace negative thinking with what could go right”

“Start being positive; step into the light”

Good advice; I’ve experienced the joy it can bring

Remembering and internalizing is a whole different thing

I appreciate the hell out of my wonderful life

but my tendency still is to anticipate strife

My blood pressure reading came out as it should

I can relax; it is fine; it is low; it is good

Shall I be feeling relaxed and secure?

Nah, the  blood pressure thingy is broken for sure

But if it reads high as it sometimes will do

Can’t question that, must believe it is true

I don’t doubt the bad news

I accept through and through

But still it’s a comfort to know how I think

Might be neurotic but not over the brink

Awareness is key

and I know what I’ve got

a work is in progress

I still have a shot








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