Fiction: A Funny Thing Happened…

Summer Rerun:


A Beginning…..part I in a series

9951970-the-reverse-side-of-the-mail-envelopeLet me begin by saying that it was never my intention to interfere.  I had hoped things would settle themselves and my participation would be unnecessary.  In fact, that would have been the preferred outcome as far as I’m concerned.  Sometimes circumstances conspire to affect an outcome so unusual that it becomes ridiculous.  This is all in the way of introducing my proposition to you.

I read the note and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud.  Who was this person?  The style reminded me of a mystery writer and not a bad one, really.  Sort of old school.  I half expected Hercule Poirot (a name I never could pronounce) to come popping in from around the corner.  I continued to read, intrigued by the promised “proposition.”

As the note unfolded it began to become clear that the aforementioned proposition…

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