Out of Time

Weather, celebrities, mayhem and murder

Then weather again and again and again

T.V. reporting is laughably awful

and tragically funny, disturbing and grim

They bring us the world, they say,

as it happens,

but lots of stuff happens that never gets in

The fact that they shout out the headlines of shock

confirms  all of the troubles and all of the sins

Are not  the most typical human behavior

and so much is missing

and nobody wins

The fallout of all of the gaps and omissions,

the near-gleeful portrayal

of troubled, obnoxious and vicious

is a worldview bordering on the pernicious

The anchors plow through it

without hesitation

and barely a blink

now back to the weather

We’re not here to think

If they ever have context

for what’s false or what’s true

They seldom provide it

It’s a thrill when they do

And the chatter continues

between advertisements

for new drugs and lawyers

and tissues and brews

The world is presented

From mundane to sublime

There’s no room for study

We’ve run out of time



2 responses to “Out of Time

  1. Barbara Jane Dumke

    Your best one yet. Too bad it is so tragic. I actuallly believe all generations have felt the same. We just hear so much more now.

    Liked by 1 person

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