Out of Control

I just read that when a person dreams about losing control of the car it means they are dealing with an out of control situation in real life.

Really?  Did we need a dream interpreter to figure that one out? 

Seems to me that life itself is an out-of-control situation.  Which is why we’re having strange dreams in the first place!  Everyday and at every moment, anything can happen and our control or lack there-of is a constant.

People are pretty amazing and brave, going through life with the awareness of our eventual or even imminent demise.

Which is why I want to come to grips with my limited control.   Act when I can, and accept when I cannot effect change.   It ain’t easy.  Being in the moment and vigilantly mindful of  all the good stuff becomes dramatically important. 

On challenging days, even the most taken for granted blessings need to be absorbed and cherished.  Let nothing be unacknowledged.

And let nothing be deemed permanent.   No matter how bad, it will not be all there is.  That is not the way of the world.  All things must pass and that’s sometimes the only comfort. 

If today is good, wallow in that and try not to miss it by focusing on all that can go wrong.  Causing the very fearful and dreadful feelings you are trying to avoid in the first place.  Seems so obvious.  Let it unfold instead of contriving to control and anticipate every eventuality. 

It might seem like holding on tightly will provide more control, but that is not the way it works – that might be one of those things that just needs to be accepted as a metaphysical reality, no matter how counter-intuitive it may feel.  How many times do you keep walking into that wall before you just step around it?  It is what it is — whether it seems likely or not.  This is my advice to me.

May the new year be a path to joy and peace …..and whatever happens next.




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