No Matter What – revisited

No matter what…

Are you a little bit tired of hearing that you can be happy,  “NO MATTER WHAT?”

I am tired of seeing it, too — in print, in book titles, on web sites, on t.v. and wherever else it pops up.

Get me, I am consciously and consistently grateful for all the wonderful people and things and amenities in my life.  I practice not taking it all for granted.  I notice when I feel no pain or illness whenever I start to be impatient or whiny.

See, I even posted this photo of this  fresh fruit, just because I am so very appreciative and happy to witness such beautiful abundance.

I even tried living each day as if it were my last, but people really do get tired of me running in circles screaming, “I’m gonna’ die! I’m gonna’ die!”

The point is, I get the essential lesson.  I accept the importance of soaking up all the blessings and being very cognizant and deeply appreciative, but that really does not stop the hot flashes, followed by chills and the overwhelming sense of foreboding, followed by a deep and abiding confidence that all will be well.  Oy, with the emotional roller-coaster, already.

What tires me out is the assurances that all you need to do is be in-the-moment and life will be a happy journey.   Maybe so, but when it gets down to the brass tacks of the guiding principles of happiness achievement, there is very little brass and only two or three tacks.   A decided lack of substance.

Possible conclusion:  A person is not likely to be happy at all times.  Essentially happy is possible, but sad hits; then it passes, like quarterbacks and time and everything else.  All things.  Experience it, and move on to the next particular sensation.  Maybe.

In spite of all this, I do like the book, The Happiness Project” (by Gretchen Rubin)  — very thoughtful — good quotes.

So, never-mind.


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