My Girl

An encore not requested…


ImageMy two-year old announced with glee
so many years ago to me
when I grow big and you get little ā€”
she glanced up from her story book
We can both be Goldilockses ā€”
reality was on the hook

I watched this eager one begin
to philosophize on angels and pin
to find her way through space and time
This search is hers and yours and mine

Existentialism brings me down
When I simply look around
Can random be the explanation
for all this intricate creation?

I try loving the questions,
as Rilke said,
though sometimes
it just hurts my heart and my head
I seek to live with joy, and not dread
but Iā€™d love to know the answers!

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5 responses to “My Girl

  1. simple and sweet poem

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  2. God does have all the answers to these questions. That’s why faith in Him is so important. He knows the why’s and we should believe He is doing what’s best for us. Wouldn’t be much of a God if He didn’t.


  3. This is wonderful, Robin… Perhaps the answers will appear at just the right moment in time for us to truly understand…
    Hope your evening is filled with moments of joy…

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