The Joy of Soy or: Menopause is not my fault

The Joy of Soy – Revisited



Soy will set you free, she said,
It keeps you well,
Until you’re dead.

The hormones will be peachy keen;
Your temperament stays quite serene.
The one drawback, I later read:
It makes you stupid in the head.

Or maybe it will make you
All kinds of clever.
Except when it doesn’t,
Not now and not ever.

So back to the pharmaceutical trick?
Which makes you feel good
While making you sick?
Shall I try “bio-identical” no matter the price?
It may be no different, but sounds so precise.

After much study
What did I learn?
If you’re well into menopause,
There’s cause for concern.
Except when there’s not.

So, enjoy what you’ve got;
Because whatever you do,
Whatever they say,
You’re going to get old
and die anyway.

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