In Search of Coffee Cream that isn’t Dairy But Still Tastes Creamy

I am still looking for a substitute that tastes EXACTLY like cream in coffee and is not dairy-related.  I’ve tried almond milk, soy creamer, coconut, cashew and every variation of those.   The taste is, hmmm, what is the accurate description?    The taste is……not creamy. They are just poor substitutes and simply missing that essential  flavor I have learned to love.  So the solution, it seems, is to just keep that small amount of dairy (3 to 4 tablespoons per day) OR  learn to live without it if that small amount is a deal breaker for me and/or the cows involved.

Maybe my tastes will eventually change.  That has happened with other dairy products.  But just in case there is something wonderful to use and you know about it:  TELL ME!

Thank you and good day.  I said good day.


5 responses to “In Search of Coffee Cream that isn’t Dairy But Still Tastes Creamy

  1. Healthy and Psyched

    I think your taste buds learn to change. Now i drink soy milk or almond milk in tea but I thought it was disgusting at first. Something like rudehealth almond milk or ricedream vanilla is nice in coffee. They are more creamy than like alpro almond milk.

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  2. theinternationalveggie

    You will not find a creamer that tastes exactly like cream, unfortunately. The best “creamer” I have found is Califia original unsweetened almond milk (wouldn’t recommend their creamer, yuck), don’t get the vanilla or the sweetened, they’re both disgusting! 😝 If you need it a little sweeter or less almondy, it will taste better if you add the sugar yourself, I don’t know what they put in the sweetened one, gross.
    Your taste will change if you have only almond milk, it will begin to taste creamier, but you need to add a lot more than normal cream and drink only almond milk, if you go back and forth between cream and almond milk, you will still want cream.
    Hope that’s helpful. ☺️

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