FOOD for thought and nutrition-Winter Rerun


Just read an article about how GOOD it is to eat meat — supposed to be research-based.

Oh for crying out loud.  Every other research-based book or article I’ve read says the exact opposite.  


It’s a conundrum. 

When I look at my own experience, I still lean towards the whole food, plant-based diet.  When I switched to that, I lost weight, stopped getting a really bad headache every couple of weeks, skin conditions cleared up, body functions functioned better, blood test results improved. 

When I occasionally eat butter or other animal-based food, nothing terrible happens, but I do tend to gain a couple of pounds  every-single-time.

So, there’s that.  Perhaps the verdict is still out, but I think I’ll go with my gut.  As in, which way of eating makes my gut feel better.

I miss eating cheese, but I don’t miss the almost immediate skin reaction that ensues.  I know, not everybody has that kind of feedback, but it must be telling me something about what I should be eating.  It’s not science — no double-blind studies by me; just observational.  And we’re all a little different as far as what we can tolerate.

It gets frustrating to read such diametrically opposed, passionate presentations of what we should do.



2 responses to “FOOD for thought and nutrition-Winter Rerun

  1. Our bodies are terrific story tellers, we just have to learn to listen to the signs they share.

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