7-7-16 Midnight — Crossing Over to 7-8-16

Grinding, crunching

Jaws are clenched

Why this tenseness

Why this stress

While I’m sleeping,

teeth are gnashing

Why not stop

and start relaxing?

Flossing and brushing and taking good care

I value my teeth and do my share

What a trick – this sneak attack

 A modicum of control is all I ask!

I like to plan and seek and know

I line my ducks all in a row

Always think I must be cautious

But can’t be vigilant while unconscious

So at night things get quite raucous

Meditation, more action, less caffeine?

Will that turn night fright to a dream?

How to monitor if it’s so?

(An accountant’s need to balance and know)

Seeking a cure that’s iron clad

and biting into bite splints just makes me mad

Let it happen

if it must

Grind my teeth

right into dust





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