I wonder, still, about this. And I like the photo!


Is it always necessary to produce something each moment?  Or to be singing or dancing or playing or drinking?  Or contributing to society?  I wonder this when I hear people comment that they will sleep when they are dead (and I have heard or read this comment on a number of occasions).  What would they do instead of sleep?  Non-stop party?  Non-stop sex?  Non-stop travel?  Non-stop charity?  Why not sleep?  Is everything they do so critically important or incredibly fun?  Every moment jam-packed with thrills?  This is not me being sarcastic; I am genuinely interested.

I don’t even want to do anything that feels really good all night long! I feel like I must be missing out on life when I hear that comment since sometimes I just relax.  Sit outside in the shade or the sun and bask.  And even when I have some essential work to do, I’d…

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