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Noticing the passage of time

Reminds me of something….


Mostly because I want to use the word ephemeral

Can’t quite settle on why that is

Who is this that I used to be?

Who is this that I’ve become?

 I think I’ve figured it out

And then

in a heartbeat

it’s gone


Youthful Aging

Why do we say, “Thank you,” when someone says we look young for our age?

Oh, excuse me, I’m so sorry.  I do apologize for looking my age.  My bad.  I should be better able to fend off pesky reality and appear to be 33 for all eternity.  If I had any gumption, or genuine aptitude, I could be less visibly aged.

Having said that,  I do love it when someone tells me I look young.  So, why is that?  Maybe because some of it is up to me.   If I make an effort to stand up straight and eat good food (a subject near and dear to my heart), and dance and sing and jump around even when I feel like slouching and announcing to anyone who is within earshot what a drag it is getting old, well then I can take some bit of pride in not looking painfully old in some quirky way.

But, I do think we might need to quit being sorry for aging because in reality we are the lucky ones, the ones who get to grow old and see what happens next.