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It’s All About Those Colors

It’s just pretty.  Photos by me and my camera.


Spring Things

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Blue Plate Special

img_5721Roasted vegetables – made without oil — just some seasoning.  I used basil, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder.  Turned out to be a delicious meal!

It’s Just Pretty

img_5712Leftover whipped cream and leftover fruit salad make a simple and delicious and beautiful dessert.

The Wall

My formidable tennis opponent.

It’s just a wall

After all

Pasta and Mushrooms


Pasta next to mushrooms

makes me happy

That’s all.



August in Michigan



A Bit of the Garden



An Italian Green Bean Blossom

This gallery contains 5 photos.

For the Moment

On the non-metaphorical treadmill:

After walking and running a little and walking and running a little, etc….

I DO feel better, at least for now (which I keep hearing is all we really have);

let’s see if this is a pattern.