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Playing with Watercolors

This gallery contains 5 photos.


It’s All About Those Colors

It’s just pretty.  Photos by me and my camera.

Drive by Clouds

While driving to the Riviera Theater

in Three Rivers, Michigan,

Stumbled upon these amazing clouds

Can’t do them justice

but compelled to try


A Study

La Tavola






On my day off…


Starting to stop…

Listening to the news

and wondering where it will all lead;

when will the bad guys concede,

when will we  catch a reprieve?

Maybe today.  Maybe tomorrow.




Blue and Green




I just like the colors.

Leaning Towards Maybe – Revisited

IImage‘m leaning towards maybe
and that’s as certain as I get
we might be there tomorrow
or not
I can’t say yet

I’m just a cock-eyed pessimist
with my chair perched toward the door
I think it’s safe to stay here
but you never know for sure

Sometimes I feel so happy
I forget to get upset
but the world is quite unstable
and I haven’t fixed it yet

So I observe and feel quite anxious
I observe and feel quite glad
to engage is from my mother
to be cautious, from my dad

It doesn’t mean I’m crazy
and it doesn’t mean I’m not
On some days I am quite content
and thrilled with what I’ve got

It’s all a contradiction
that plays out in my head
but I’d rather be confused and here
than absolute
and dead