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Day 2: Open Season

Let the sunshine in please

and bring its warmth to earth

Time to gather hope again 

    and find out what it’s worth

Let the gale become breeze

     and find its way my way

This winter wind that lingers

     has clearly overstayed

Let the weather perk up

     and settle into spring

The lettuce seeds have sprouted

      the grass is turning green

Which means the time is just right

     to brighten up the scene




From the sublime to the ridiculous:

May we absorb wisdom and grace and act with compassion and intelligence. May we be okay today and notice the good stuff with relish (no tomato)!


Silly Side of Dark or the Dark Side of Silly

So, take a look at the bright side

Is what she recently said

Just means it might be sooner, not later, 

     that you’re gonna be dead

Shake out those forever thoughts

     you’ve built up in your head

There are songs to be sung

     there are books to be read

Leave it for awhile; all the hope and the dread

Now could be the day for the silly instead

The dark side of humor

Can be found to be kind

It helps to see finally

     that it’s all in your mind

For me, there’s some comfort 

     in accepting the sad

And often the good stuff 

     will outweigh the bad


I’m just not in love with forewords to books.

I want to read the book itself not what someone I don’t even know thinks about it.

This might mean I’m not intellectual enough. But sometimes having someone dissect a work of art just seems condescending as if I won’t get it just by the author’s words. Might be insulting to the writer in a way.

If it needs a foreword, is it because the writer didn’t make things clear in the book?

I might like an “afterword” especially if I don’t feel like finishing a book that I’m not wild about and I want a summary of it. Or if it’s so great I want to have a conversation about it–even a remote one.

Sometimes I’ll read the foreword after i read the book–if it draws me in. I usually try reading the foreword up to the point I become exasperated. That tends to happen if it’s a long ordeal: write your own damn book why doncha’ ?

That’s my two cents!

Anyway…. I wonder what other people think about forewords? Helpful? What do you say, other people?

Ipse Dixit

According to Merriam-Webster:

Ipse dixit is an assertion made but not proved

Wikipedia adds:  

..or a dogmatic expression of opinion.

History and Etymology for ipse dixit

Latin:   he himself said it

According to me (perhaps proving that the definitions are accurate!):

Lot of ipse dixit 

goin’ on round the world

and I’m gettin’ a little weary

of hearing all the spins and spurious platitudes 

that pose as reason and empathy

Oh happy day

We are about to be spun around into a better

frame of mind

as soon as everybody sticks it

to this crazy ipse dixit

An Inkling of Cautious Optimism

via Daily Prompt: Inkling

I had a bit of an inkling

           as to what is required

but less of an inkling

           now that I’ve retired

I look forward to exploring

           with a dollop of dread

while visions of happiness

           dance in my head

With an inkling of mortality

           and an inkling of life

Expecting the joyful might

           outrun the strife





via Daily Prompt: Anticipate

What can happen?

Who  can say

     As I flounder through the day

Seeking to be well-aware

      of all the good

I’m almost there

     and if you look,

it’s everywhere.

Appalling stuff has such a draw

     all the news that’s fit to awe

it shouts and beckons

    with screaming hues

           attempting to distort all views

Enough, enough

I choose to find

     some wisdom ways

        to calm my mind

Perspective and context

       a path to grace

Anticipate this joyful place









Safe and Soft

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s safe and soft in here.


No words unfold More thoughts untold Might not be so bad To be quiet today And yet my mind Insists on attention Clamors  and stammers for something to mention Grasps for assurance that life is on time  

April has arrived on little cat’s feet….

Uh oh

It’s National Poetry Month

and we’re four days in

Forgot to write a poem a day

Can I do this again?

I will jump in right now and see what I’ve got

It likely won’t hurt if I make it or not

Poems will be fluttering all over the place

Exploring all aspects of life, death and grace

Being quite coy or sleek or profound

It’s time to join in and stop messing around