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Not Dull

In spite of the challenges and troubles life can bring

(and sometimes because of those)

My life is good

And I know it…


Sometimes I know it

and some days I actually feel it

Today I know it AND I feel it

Not as something intangible,

but as something distinct and formed

and settled…

for now,

image_b9f842a2-7d25-40d8-82b1-64fea5fa88d4.img_0128That joy has gotten through

whatever it is it needed to get through

to get to me

                                   It’s nice.


Can Hardly Wait 🍅

The garden is so amazing to see

A bit like a miracle — to me

From raspberries on cornflakes

Fresh from the garden

To green beans–Italian–for dinner

And a tomato is ripening as we look on

And it seems like zucchini will suddenly be

And it is

Just like magic

To me

Remembering Gratitude After the Hot Water Heater Hits Bottom

There can no longer be a doubt
I really, really love it when things work out
I get inordinately happy when software soars
And my at-home quick books completes its chores

When the water heater heats
And the furnace kicks in
The world seems balanced
Let the games begin

When the seeds we plant
Grow into sprouts
And tomatoes burst to red
Despite my doubts

I can relinquish for a while
My insecurity
And find a plethora of joy
Amid uncertainty

I get a skosh too edgy when life messes about
‘Cuz I really, really love it when things work out

It’s a beautiful day!


A Sprig of Spring



A splash of sun

A sprig of spring

A stunning rebirth

As life goes green


Aw, nuthin’

So odd
In a way,
Not so odd

So discontentedly satisfied
So patiently agitated
So freely mitigated
So subversively brave

So intensely moderated
For the flag that I wave

Am I 
standing short 
as someone
who I can imagine
as enough
as is

So extremely vigilant
So hyper-attenuated
So assertively meek

So sublimely uncertain
For the purpose I seek

I am


Emily Dickinson


I need, for my own peace of mind,

to stop noticing with such determination

at least some of the unfairness out there

It’s unfair

It’s there

Get used to it


Stoned and Sideways

So I got this stone-paper notebook

because a hundred notebooks

are just not enough

and I like it

If it’s not worth doing badly,

Is it worth it at all?

Must one avoid it

If one must/might fall?

My choice is to jump in

In spite of the risk…

…of not being perfect

…or of slipping a disc

What I am seeking is unclear to me;

It slides silently… 


…and just out of reach