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Suddenly Monday

A sprig of hope for spring….sprig


A Winter’s Day with Sunshine


Spring is Very Close


He built two rustic birdhouses

and now they are done

Sparrows have settled already

into the little one

Wish I had a zoom lens right now

so you could see

the little sparrow

perched at the doorway

in the rustic birdhouse

on the maple tree

Softly Revisited

Softly, I remember

the days gone drifting by

Laughing, I surrender

Though life can make me cry

With gratitude I carry on

in trepidation’s wake

May grace and courage find me

and never show up late




A View from a Room


I Still Like Dining Out, but…

Restaurant food,

it’s been my belief

leads to weighing too much

and subsequent grief.

Whether salty or sugary

savory or sweet

salads or soups

or meals without meat,

Time after time –

I find no exception –

the pounds pile on –

and that’s my perception.

It needn’t be that way?

(one might not agree)

well, maybe it needn’t

but in my life…

…it be!





May your days be merry and bright!IMG_4234

Not Just Me

And so this is Christmas

And here comes the sun

My daughter is travelling

I hope she has fun


And my life is good now

And my life is full

My time is arriving

I hope I’m not dull


Have a Merry, Merry Christmas

And a peaceful New Year

The world can be thriving

With minimal fear


It could happen




Somewhere in South Haven



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