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At the Library in Allegan, Michigan on a Sunny Day




Cooking mushrooms with green peppers and onion along with garlic-pepper seasoning seems to be something that continues to be a part of my favorite meals.

Using water as the medium instead of oil, seems to be working well for me.

It’s fresh.  It’s vegan.  And I think it is even nutritious. 

A Spoon from a Tree

So…….my husband made this spoon for me for Christmas. From a branch that was trimmed from our maple tree. The wood is called spalted maple. I don’t plan on using it to cook with since he used danish oil as a finish but it sure looks beautiful in my kitchen.

Shades of Summer


‘Tis the Season

It might as well be spring!


A Beautiful Day



Carrots in Color


Mark Twain speaks…

“There are few things harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”

-Mark Twain

From My Old Blog (from which I have been locked out and I don’t know why!)


So, anyway, it turns out that eating 5 or so servings of fruit and 5 or so servings of vegetables each day, along with ground flax and under 12 ounces of meat each week, and no dairy and a couple of ounces of cheese and a slice of bread here and there, and some nuts and oatmeal and quinoa, and other whole and unprocessed food per week, means that I have now lost TWENTY pounds.  And I betcha’ I will lose 15 more, and if that happens, I will weigh what I weighed in my twenties.  In my twenties, people, when I weighed what I should weigh.

Get me, I lost twenty pounds without feeling deprived and in fact feeling so much better.  Fewer headaches, smoother skin, fewer allergies of all kinds, and better digestion.  All in all, I am amazed at how this happens.  I do this, the weight diminishes and it is such a welcome relief.  I really like fruits and vegetables most of the time, but even when they don’t sound good, I eat them to live and think of the nourishment they provide.   I can always eat something that is less nourishing if I feel the need, as long as most of the time I eat real, whole food.  So that works for me.

When I see people so obviously struggling with their weight, I want to tell them, “Try this!”  But I think sometimes people aren’t ready to try it.  They think it will be too difficult.  It’s not.   I found that the thing that was too difficult was weighing 20 pounds more than I do today.  That was difficult.  This is easy-peasy.  I don’t know why it took me so long to understand that food is meant to provide nourishment.  Of course, we hear that all of our lives, but somehow it didn’t totally sink in for me that it’s not just that sugar or fat is bad for us, it’s that they don’t provide the nourishment we need to be healthy and strong.  We need to eat to live and if meat and cake is all there is, then eat that, but it’s not going to provide the stuff we need to thrive.

Previous to this “eat to live” regimen, I did not eat massive quantities of food, and I did include salads and fruits and vegetables, but not a lot of them.  And I ate much cheese and eggs and turkey and chicken.  It was healthier than some diets, but lacking in the quantity of fruits and vegetable that I include now.

If you eat real food, and make the desserts or cheese a treat rather than a part of every-meal, the results will astound you.  Seriously, you may not believe me but it has not been difficult to eat well — and I thought it would not only be difficult, but impossible.  Smoothies have been the key for me.  You can pack a lot of the day’s fruit in one smoothie.  Throw in some kale or spinach and you’ve got a jump start on the veggies.  Smoothies have made my life smoother.

I may be jumping to conclusions, but it seems like the advice I’ve gotten is working——— and it goes a little something like this:

Do this.  SERIOUSLY. And with great humor.

From August 2011

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