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The Edge of Normal

According to the Body Mass Index chart, I am on the edge of normal. Well doesn’t that just say it all.

So close and yet…..still not quite there.

If I lose just one more pound, just one, I will ease right off the overweight box and right into normal. Ahhh.

I bet if there’s a chart for emotional well-being, I might be on the edge of normal on that one, too. Something good keeps me on this side of that dark line.

Bottom line:


on the high side of normal

suits me just fine

as I work to be stronger

in body and mind

Some time in August

I should reach my prime

And bee-bop-a-lou

is the end of the rhyme





Little Big Miracles

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein



Day 4: Clouds and Sun Together

A view from my street on this beautiful day 
More than the routine quota of neighbors
Are heading my way

          In isolation and uncertainty

          In asymmetrical array

          We walk together

          While staying apart

          With a smile and a hand to heart

         The sun can keep a hope alive

         A quiet hope that we all will thrive 



Day 1: Is April a Poetry Month?

Is April still Poetry Month?

If so, I would like to begin to prepare

A poem that is presumably ready to share

But it turns out the fact of the matter is this

Right at the moment it does not exist

I ain’t got a poem 



The Option of Joy

Perhaps it would be okay to have a false sense of well-being

Whenever a true one is not available

Seems like that might work out okay

It would be almost like optimism, I’d say

Which is supposed to be good for the health

and for the general happiness of a being

Joy in the midst of days that mystify

Worth a try



Complications and Uncertainties                                           

           Mid month mock up
      For something like a miracle
       Discombobulated ramblings
                                                  In a cockamamie world
                                                   Strange connotations
                                                    And unrelated verse
                                                    Trying to control it
                                                   Only makes it worse

                                                 Cut the unrelenting stream    
                                                       of consciousness 
                                                     Do more, think less
                                                        Call life’s bluff
                                                      Enough is enough
                                         You cannot fix the whole damn world


M & M’s

Without M & M’s

ImageMy day can change completely
after eating M & M’s
or drinking too much coffee
No more can I pretend
that I can live in random ways
carelessly tripping through my days

I find that joy arises now
when I  remember when and how
to nourish both my heart and soul
My mind grows calm and let’s me know
life has arrived and settled in
Let the best of time begin


From the sublime to the ridiculous:

May we absorb wisdom and grace and act with compassion and intelligence. May we be okay today and notice the good stuff with relish (no tomato)!



I’m heading for the library. Having a good time! Wish you were here! Yes, it’s true—I live life on the edge — well anyway I live nearby the edge. Sometimes. 📚

I will be traveling by car. 🚗.

Query:     If I go to the library, and it’s not on Facebook, did I really go?


What am I thinking?

Am I thinking at all?

Why am I not writing?

Not hearing the call

It can’t possibly matter

if I write

or I don’t

No one will protest

if I will

or I won’t

….but I will…