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SLEEP is a word that looks funny to me at the moment for some reason

Good Night, Gracie

Insights abound

and perspectives are found

and still I find myself thinking around

       in circles and tangents in more than one bound

Awakened abruptly mid-sleep in my bed

and wondering where all the insights have fled

and why do I still get these feelings of dread

with unwelcome thoughts that pop into my head

Ah, well, it’s a cycle, it’s a pendulum swing

Last night I was laughing a lot in a dream

An optimistic upheaval; a paradigm shift?

A chance that I’m finally catching the drift?

Look at these thoughts that give me no clue

and the awful imaginings that have seldom rung true

See them clearly for the imposters they are

Seemingly logical, yet impossibly vague

Midnight meanderings are usually wrong

That’s a real thing that some scientist said

Not at your best when lying down half asleep

Counting back from a hundred with some rag-taggled sheep

Practice relinquishing future prediction

What a collection of unvarnished fiction!

This is a welcome and pure benediction

Say goodnight; give way to sleep’s jurisdiction


Marching by Myself

I felt light yesterday

the sun shone and called me away

Today jumped in and turned it all inside out

the sun lurked sullenly behind the rain clouds

and it’s not easy to have the sun out there

all lurk-y and sullen

just beyond reach

And it’s not easy to be at odds with it all

marching to a different drummer








I have an element

I am not currently in it

It is somewhere I have been

It is somewhere I aspire to be again

Meanwhile, I will be where I am

and soak it up because I can

Another Day

I let my guard down

The rug gets pulled

It’s my own damn fault

Is what I’m told

I’m the one

who makes it bad

by reacting to words

and tones and gaffes

as if they all have specific meanings

and definitions and leanings

and aren’t just random

sites and sounds

Let it be for awhile

this is what I’ve found

given time and space

I’ll come around

and then

forget all about it

’til it catches me


while I’m looking the other way

later on,

another day



Ruminating on Ruminating

Just because I think it

Doesn’t make it so

My judgment’s not reliable

as far as these things go

Even when I work it through

my brain heads for a ditch

It tends to be oblivious

and the traffic is a bitch

Flows in an out

and over

and never seems to swerve

until it hits reality

and leans into the curve

Wish I would get there quicker

the place I need to be

where I finally remember

to simply let it be


Note to Self

Remember to remember

to not get too far ahead

in your head

and get all concerned

about getting it all done

at work

do what you can and


let it be what it be

Been here before

and somehow

it got done

or it didn’t

and the world carries on

in that way it has

I might as well relax

after all




What is the Point?

IMG_4387Sketchy at best

Unpredictable and blurry

All the ways we are blessed

Can be gone in a hurry

And yet we persist

and we try not to worry

(which, by the way, is not an easy task)

Still,  what is the point?

(I almost forgot to ask)

since life is what we have 

all amazing and quirky

Is it all about making

really good soup

and meeting who you meet

and running through snow

in your stocking feet?

(which you might want to try if you ever get the chance)







Practice of Sorts

Break free

Move to higher ground

Avoid future traps

Opportunities abound

Cliches may be predictable

But a grain of truth resides

Rumination may not lead the way

Who is the who who decides?

Break free and then break free

Develop new rituals that take you

     where you want to be.

Just like you brush your teeth —

      you could habitually take a walk

           or chronically notice the good stuff.

You are enough.

“My experience is what I agree to attend to.” said William James.



Oh, lord it’s hard to be humble

I feel humbled lately by my own vulnerability and it focuses my attention on how impatient I sometimes am with the missteps and mistakes of others — as if I am so completely centered at all times. I am not. And sometimes I just catch a break and for that, I am grateful. What if I am neither as wonderful or hopelessly inadequate as I respectively and alternately think I am?  In other words: I like grape jelly.


Call me out

   to take a walk

   to stumble over words

   and talk

Spilling over into gray

    all my thoughts go out to play