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I want to get back to the mind set when I was a kid and didn’t worry about who got elected and what could go wrong because of it.

I would like to be informed but detached from the outcome.

Bewitched, bothered and befuddled am I!





A Mention


It is very good to be feeling good right this minute

I suddenly noticed today

— and what a find —

that nothing hurts

in body or mind 

— and how often does that happen?


I suddenly realized

I’d better give a thought

to the lovely and sublime

that surround us

all the time

Even though the crass and cruel

scream for our attention

seems like the wonderful stuff

deserves at least a mention




A Bit of a Thought

 Feeling disgruntled from time to time

…….and I don’t realize just what gives.

Feeling gruntled seems better, by wide and by far;

but I’m not really sure what that is.

Obviously,  I had to research the meaning;

and it’s ” humorous, pleased, satisfied, and


So to wish to be gruntled is in no way


Never heard that word said;  not one time; never said it;

But I will; very soon, and I shall not regret it



Pasta and Mushrooms


Pasta next to mushrooms

makes me happy

That’s all.



This could be the last best moment of my life

all mixed up in love and strife

This is true

all mixed up with what we knew

Every moment

all mixed up with calm and torment

Probably a good idea to relax and enjoy what is

all mixed up in angst and bliss

Right now

all mixed up in why and how


In This Particular

In this particular

time and space

There appears to be grace

all over the place

With no need to struggle

or finagle or strive

It’s a very good night

to be alive.




Looking forward

to being in the moment

Lost in thought

Fixating on the perpendicular peripherals

Tripping over clutter and chaos

Finding my way back to the center


Get Moving

I just remembered to remember that exercise is often the key to beating the blues

so I’m on my way ……..

This is only a test.

Let me see if it works right away.  Instant Karma.

Please hold.




Note to Self

Remember to remember

to not get too far ahead

in your head

and get all concerned

about getting it all done

at work

do what you can and


let it be what it be

Been here before

and somehow

it got done

or it didn’t

and the world carries on

in that way it has

I might as well relax

after all





Scar seems harsh at first look

but that’s not always so

Scars can map out our stories

and the whole ebb and flow

Even the wrinkles and the gravitational pull

tell a saga of living a life that is full

I look in the mirror and see who I am

Would I be any different if I lived it again?