Simple — Elegant Beans & Rice


It’s Just Pretty

img_5712Leftover whipped cream and leftover fruit salad make a simple and delicious and beautiful dessert.

Resta Qui

Preparing for a plot to hatch

What would be the mood to match?

Who would find the point to catch?

Remember, to remember

 don’t get too far ahead

don’t catch up to the future

stay right here instead




I wonder, still, about this. And I like the photo!


Is it always necessary to produce something each moment?  Or to be singing or dancing or playing or drinking?  Or contributing to society?  I wonder this when I hear people comment that they will sleep when they are dead (and I have heard or read this comment on a number of occasions).  What would they do instead of sleep?  Non-stop party?  Non-stop sex?  Non-stop travel?  Non-stop charity?  Why not sleep?  Is everything they do so critically important or incredibly fun?  Every moment jam-packed with thrills?  This is not me being sarcastic; I am genuinely interested.

I don’t even want to do anything that feels really good all night long! I feel like I must be missing out on life when I hear that comment since sometimes I just relax.  Sit outside in the shade or the sun and bask.  And even when I have some essential work to do, I’d…

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Con Gioia

Sto andando a Italia con gioia e trepidazione!

Something to Consider

I know, right?


“Running around accusing others

is not as good as laughing.”

-Chuang Tzu


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 I’m consistently trying to figure things out

I wonder and wander through pages of doubt

After resolving an issue or two

Seventeen others arise into view

It’s exasperating and challenging and stupid and fun

with all sorts of emotions rolled into one

Mostly, I’m grateful for how things unfold

It could all wind up tragic

if truth would be told

Surely that’s life

It goes up

It goes down

My goal is to greet it with less of a frown

We are all kinds of brave as we face-off each trial

and our arms are wide open as life kicks us a smile





A Nod to Joyce Kilmer


ImageI thought that I would never see
the day I’d rhyme about a tree
or wax poetic on the sound
of birds outside my window

But now that I am fully grown
and sorting life out on my own
common background themes and schemes
Are drawing my attention

I thought that I would never see
the age that I have come to be
These days and nights and sun and rain
I do not dare to squander

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I want to get back to the mind set when I was a kid and didn’t worry about who got elected and what could go wrong because of it.

I would like to be informed but detached from the outcome.

Bewitched, bothered and befuddled am I!




The Wall

My formidable tennis opponent.

It’s just a wall

After all