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A Spoon from a Tree

So…….my husband made this spoon for me for Christmas. From a branch that was trimmed from our maple tree. The wood is called spalted maple. I don’t plan on using it to cook with since he used danish oil as a finish but it sure looks beautiful in my kitchen.


Veganistic Simplicity

  • Avocado, roasted red pepper, tomato, onion with a little vegenaise and mustard — simple. On a blue plate. Good.

Still True…

From Oct
13, 2014


Here I am a year later, still on the journey to a healthier me.   All the usual numbers have improved…blood pressure, cholesterol, enzymes and stuff like that.  I have lost 30 pounds in all, but I think five or ten more would be ideal.  It will happen as soon as it can.

I think it’s the bread that still might be the culprit….but I’m not sure about that.

Still eating things like this:

Breakfast:  Spinach, carrot, celery, strawberry, almond milk smoothie

Lunch:   Homemade minestrone soup with Italian bread

Dinner:  Green salad; veggies sauteed in Italian tomato sauce and quinoa

Snack:  Grapenuts

and peanuts.


A Study

La Tavola


Table made by my husband, Jesse.



An Occasion: Building a Smoothie

Fixing healthy meals can be, on many occasions,  therapeutic, and maybe even artistic, creative, and an exercise in being in the middle of something worth doing.  The colors involved are kind of amazing.



On my day off…


Starting to stop…

Listening to the news

and wondering where it will all lead;

when will the bad guys concede,

when will we  catch a reprieve?

Maybe today.  Maybe tomorrow.




Softly Revisited

Softly, I remember

the days gone drifting by

Laughing, I surrender

Though life can make me cry

With gratitude I carry on

in trepidation’s wake

May grace and courage find me

and never show up late



This Morning There is Sun Shining on Us

Sun in August

   in the Morning


   and warm


   and inviting

It calls me out

   to play

It calls me

   to remember

      the pull of exploration

      the draw of each new day

I am not a child

so what will I play?

I can walk awhile

and join up with today