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SLEEP is a word that looks funny to me at the moment for some reason

Insights abound

and perspectives are found

and still I find myself thinking around

       in circles and tangents in more than one bound

Awakened abruptly mid-sleep in my bed

and wondering where all the insights have fled

and why do I still get these feelings of dread

with unwelcome thoughts that pop into my head

Ah, well, it’s a cycle, it’s a pendulum swing

Last night I was laughing a lot in a dream

An optimistic upheaval; a paradigm shift?

A chance that I’m finally catching the drift?

Look at these thoughts that give me no clue

and the awful imaginings that have seldom rung true

See them clearly for the imposters they are

Seemingly logical, yet impossibly vague

Midnight meanderings are usually wrong

That’s a real thing that some scientist said

Not at your best when lying down half asleep

Counting back from a hundred with some rag-taggled sheep

Practice relinquishing future prediction

What a collection of unvarnished fiction!

This is a welcome and pure benediction

Say goodnight; give way to sleep’s jurisdiction

Marching by Myself

I felt light yesterday

the sun shone and called me away

Today jumped in and turned it all inside out

the sun lurked sullenly behind the rain clouds

and it’s not easy to have the sun out there

all lurk-y and sullen

just beyond reach

And it’s not easy to be at odds with it all

marching to a different drummer








 I’m consistently trying to figure things out

I wonder and wander through pages of doubt

After resolving an issue or two

Seventeen others arise into view

It’s exasperating and challenging and stupid and fun

with all sorts of emotions rolled into one

Mostly, I’m grateful for how things unfold

It could all wind up tragic

if truth would be told

Surely that’s life

It goes up

It goes down

My goal is to greet it with less of a frown

We are all kinds of brave as we face-off each trial

and our arms are wide open as life kicks us a smile





Let It Be

Let good news

            be good news

Let that be my style

Let some things be okay

at least for awhile

Getting all twisted

and messed up forever

can wait until Tuesday

or Thursday              

         or never

An Occasion: Building a Smoothie

Fixing healthy meals can be, on many occasions,  therapeutic, and maybe even artistic, creative, and an exercise in being in the middle of something worth doing.  The colors involved are kind of amazing.


On Mother’s Day

Time goes clacking along

Day after day after day

It clacks and carries on

As if I am not even here

And yet, I am



Words Resounding

I’m an idiot

I’m awkward

I’m socially inept

I’m clever

I’m witty

and you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet

I vacillate from certainty

to knowing not one thing

yet, aspects of living

have loud, familiar rings

and in the smooth

and in the rough

one could become

all kinds of stuff

while wandering

– still undaunted-

and quite possibly



Spring is Very Close


He built two rustic birdhouses

and now they are done

Sparrows have settled already

into the little one

Wish I had a zoom lens right now

so you could see

the little sparrow

perched at the doorway

in the rustic birdhouse

on the maple tree

Starting to stop…

Listening to the news

and wondering where it will all lead;

when will the bad guys concede,

when will we  catch a reprieve?

Maybe today.  Maybe tomorrow.




How About Now

IMG_3097When will I be so collected

as to be somewhat unaffected

by the uncertain and unexpected

When will I ever just accept it

Whether vulnerable or well-protected