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I’m heading for the library. Having a good time! Wish you were here! Yes, it’s true—I live life on the edge — well anyway I live nearby the edge. Sometimes. 📚

I will be traveling by car. 🚗.

Query:     If I go to the library, and it’s not on Facebook, did I really go?


What am I thinking?

Am I thinking at all?

Why am I not writing?

Not hearing the call

It can’t possibly matter

if I write

or I don’t

No one will protest

if I will

or I won’t

….but I will…





Some Days

What if…

What if…

What if…

   …and that’s when unlikely and rather dangerous outcomes grow rapidly

         in my imagination

But what if…

          it’s okay

          it’s not dangerous

          it works out fine

          it’s good news

Why is that not my thought process

   since those are the more likely outcomes?

Ah, honey…I don’t know

   but I understand your discomfort with uncertainty…I do.


The Night Before

The night before Thanksgiving

The wind was pushing the house

I was at the stove stirring

And my friends had gone south.

For the dinner tomorrow

I began to prepare

I am missing the sunshine

There’s some food in my hair

But my spirits are joyful

and my mind is at peace

The wind chimes are chiming

Will this wind never cease!

To end this composition

it would only seem right

to say Happy Thanksgiving

and to all a good night!









Before the Fall

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Not Dull

In spite of the challenges and troubles life can bring

(and sometimes because of those)

My life is good

And I know it…


Sometimes I know it

and some days I actually feel it

Today I know it AND I feel it

Not as something intangible,

but as something distinct and formed

and settled…

for now,

image_b9f842a2-7d25-40d8-82b1-64fea5fa88d4.img_0128That joy has gotten through

whatever it is it needed to get through

to get to me

                                   It’s nice.


Stoned and Sideways

So I got this stone-paper notebook

because a hundred notebooks

are just not enough

and I like it

If it’s not worth doing badly,

Is it worth it at all?

Must one avoid it

If one must/might fall?

My choice is to jump in

In spite of the risk…

…of not being perfect

…or of slipping a disc

What I am seeking is unclear to me;

It slides silently… 


…and just out of reach


A New Cutting Board

Yay, toast! My husband cut this out of some leftover wood. So cool!


Imagine managing life

with a lightness of spirit

Imagine noticing how much I worry

and then moving on to actually noticing all the things around me and getting on with living!

It seems like a way to be more relaxed maybe even less

focused on what is going wrong or what could go wrong

The world is always, has always and may always be amazing and wonderful and at the same time:  an utter mess; before I arrived, while I’m here and after I leave……..so perhaps my obligation to the world is to be an enthusiastic participant.

The principle of moral proximity rings true to me.  I can be concerned without being responsible for all the stuff all over the world.

I can’t fix it all and make everyone be kind.  Period.  On certain days, I can barely manage me!

Here are Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert on this concept:

Moral proximity refers to how connected we are to someone by virtue of familiarity, kinship, space, or time…. The closer the moral proximity, the greater the moral obligation…. [This principle] reminds us that we can’t possibly be the same kind of good neighbor to everyone in the world, nor must we. Supporting AIDS relief in Africa is a wonderful thing to do, but a failure to do so does not automatically make a church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a gospel-less, selfish church. But if that same church did nothing to help their people when the river flooded in 2008, then they do not understand the love of Christ. Moral proximity should not make us more cavalier to the poor. But it should free us from unnecessary guilt and make us more caring toward those who count on us most.

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