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Grasping the Cha Cha Cha

Something happens once you pass sixty years old.  Speaking for myself, you become more in tune with…..with…absolutely nothing.  Or at least it feels that way sometimes.  I keep waiting to become more in tune, but I’m 62 (or 63) now and I am still off-key and often tone deaf.

Any moment now all the wisdom and ease and acceptance should be kicking in.  Any moment now.  And yet…

I don’t even really get the cha-cha-cha step.  How is it done?  I see it – I observe the motion — I cannot grasp it in practice.  So how can I be expected to grasp the intricacies of existence?

It’s not that I’m giving up.  I won’t give up on the possibility of genuinely internalizing the wisdom I’ve come upon through the years.  I still believe I will grasp it on more than an occasional basis and it will enable me to just live; live, without all the second guessing and frantic speculation and bru-ha-ha.  But will I cha-cha?  I do not know.  I believe it could happen.