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SOUP in the bowl


Playing with Watercolors

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Resta Qui

Preparing for a plot to hatch

What would be the mood to match?

Who would find the point to catch?

Remember, to remember

 don’t get too far ahead

don’t catch up to the future

stay right here instead



This Morning There is Sun Shining on Us

Sun in August

   in the Morning


   and warm


   and inviting

It calls me out

   to play

It calls me

   to remember

      the pull of exploration

      the draw of each new day

I am not a child

so what will I play?

I can walk awhile

and join up with today


October Sky in Kalamazoo

IMG_2813What a beautiful day it was

What a beautiful day it will be

and I get to be here

to see these things

right here

right now

What are the odds of that?

Don’t want to miss it

or worry it away