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Upon a Window Pane


Yer Art

Playing around with paints on a tile

Takes my mind completely off of me for awhile

This little bird looks a tiny bit shy

something in the shape and the look of the eye

it turned out that way and I don’t know why




Playing with Watercolors

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Summer Days

I am quite smitten with these last, lingering days of summer

The sunny breezes and green, green grasses

And the incredible blue of the blue, blue skies

With soft and textured and many-layered clouds

and all the impossibly gorgeous colors

blending together

It could make a person wax poetic

if one knew how to wax that way

An Occasion: Building a Smoothie

Fixing healthy meals can be, on many occasions,  therapeutic, and maybe even artistic, creative, and an exercise in being in the middle of something worth doing.  The colors involved are kind of amazing.


Softly Revisited

Softly, I remember

the days gone drifting by

Laughing, I surrender

Though life can make me cry

With gratitude I carry on

in trepidation’s wake

May grace and courage find me

and never show up late



Leaning Towards Maybe – Revisited

IImage‘m leaning towards maybe
and that’s as certain as I get
we might be there tomorrow
or not
I can’t say yet

I’m just a cock-eyed pessimist
with my chair perched toward the door
I think it’s safe to stay here
but you never know for sure

Sometimes I feel so happy
I forget to get upset
but the world is quite unstable
and I haven’t fixed it yet

So I observe and feel quite anxious
I observe and feel quite glad
to engage is from my mother
to be cautious, from my dad

It doesn’t mean I’m crazy
and it doesn’t mean I’m not
On some days I am quite content
and thrilled with what I’ve got

It’s all a contradiction
that plays out in my head
but I’d rather be confused and here
than absolute
and dead

No Words

No words

   to play with

No time

  to defer

No directions

   to work out

No candles

   to burn

No reason

   to worry

No stone

   left unturned

No leaders

    to follow

As we stroll through our lives

No map

   and no tracking

We’re the first to arrive



Not Much

Pencil poised for action

My mind’s in overdrive

Extra special traction

Bring me back alive


Turn and Live

How did I wind up here?  she said

while visions of quandaries

danced in her head

As the day unfolded

and the morning drifted

her attitude flickered

and her spirits shifted


Decline to calculate everything out

Breathe it in and lose the doubt

Be sure your stances find some give

Seize the long shot

Turn and live