Advice in Cliches


Take a chill pill

Cool one’s jets

hang loose, decompress

Regain composure

Swim down stream

Keep one’s shirt on

Live the dream

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Not a Cinquain


Tried to write a sonnetImage
Tried to force my brain
Tried to stay right on it
then tried a cinquain

Simply could not finish
Simply did not care
Simply felt diminished
did not have the flair

It doesn’t mean I never could
It doesn’t mean I failed
It doesn’t mean I never would
It simply means I flailed

Now as I write, I ponder this
Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss

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Inside Out: What if’s — but in a good way


What if you turned out to be more relaxed and less fearful than you’ve ever been in many ways and as often as you wish to be? 

What if you didn’t take responsibility for other people’s happiness or sadness in such an unrealistic manner? 

What if you understood that it’s okay to NOT understand, to not know, to just be here now. 

What if you accepted that, while eventually your life will end, you could let that eventuality come and find you; you don’t have to seek it out, invite it to dinner, and give yourself up. 

You don’t have to turn yourself in or turn yourself inside out.


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On my day off…





Take oat bran everyday
Wait, don’t eat that

Choose margarine
then they say
Butter is better anyway

Don’t eat eggs
Wait, eat them

Eat plenty of grains,
Wait, don’t eat them

Slather on the sunscreen
Wait, bask naked in the rays

Vitamin D pills
Solve all ills
Wait, don’t take them

Will we ever sort it out?


Just eat good food?
Whole-some veggies,
berries and greens
Mushrooms, onions, seeds
and beans.
Get out of the city
and into the sun
and take a walk
and have some fun

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Hope With or Without Feathers


With the world the way it seems to be

Hope is sometimes hard to see

Springtime reminds me life renews

on schedule with no help from me

The sun arises on this day

My spirits seek to cut the gray

refusing to join in the fray

of negative destruction


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ImageAlthough you may be cautious
Although you may feel dread
Be sure to take your turn at life
The days still brew ahead

Negotiate the terms
to this span you have been given
The time is right
to take the chance
and simply turn
and live

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Spring Harvest



Good Mother (with thanks to Jann Arden for her song)

In memory of my Mom….


Yesterday, in an earlier year
My mother was born to spend some time here
 A child among many, she grew to be strong
She had several children and helped them along
Surrounded by family was where she would thrive
She nurtured and cared-for when she was alive
I miss her quite often and treasure her still
I wonder what happens when life sends the bill?

Jann’s song:


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Carrots in Color