Non Lo So

Non Lo so

I just don’t know

Thinking it over

Just makes it grow

Pensarci troppo

No. No. No. 

Simply turn

And let it go…

In This Particular

In this particular

time and space

There appears to be grace

all over the place

With no need to struggle

or finagle or strive

It’s a very good night

to be alive.



Every day it’s the same old thing: variety


IMG_2895IMG_2896Simple, healthy, tasty and vegan, all at the same time.  The rotini includes cheese made with a blend of cashews and nutritional yeast and almond milk.  The wilted spinach with fresh tomatoes and green onions took seconds to prepare and a couple of minutes to cook.  Mushrooms were sautéed in water with a garlic-pepper seasoning. 

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A Window



IMG_1682Good Sleep

Good toast

Good morning!

The weight of angst has lifted

for now

The myriad voices of well-meaning concern

that fill my head

telling me things I already know

lay low

for now

An errant thought

usually floats up to haunt me

and follow me wherever I go

Feels like playing whack-a-mole

batting down the latest cri de cœur

demanding urgent contemplation

But today

there is quiet in the amygdalas

and I accept this with gratitude

Imagine the neurons shifting

forming this new path

taking hold

if not for always

than at least

 it’s a nice reprieve

for now

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Simple is Good

So simple.  So visually appealing.  So delicious. 

Cut stuff up, season it, roast it or even microwave it.

I usually use salt, pepper, basil, garlic, parsley, sometimes dill;  Alden Mill House makes some great seasoning combinations.  Use what you like, experiment; it will taste good!



Looking forward

to being in the moment

Lost in thought

Fixating on the perpendicular peripherals

Tripping over clutter and chaos

Finding my way back to the center


Another Day

I let my guard down

The rug gets pulled

It’s my own damn fault

Is what I’m told

I’m the one

who makes it bad

by reacting to words

and tones and gaffes

as if they all have specific meanings

and definitions and leanings

and aren’t just random

sites and sounds

Let it be for awhile

this is what I’ve found

given time and space

I’ll come around

and then

forget all about it

’til it catches me


while I’m looking the other way

later on,

another day




A Study

7-7-16 Midnight — Crossing Over to 7-8-16

Grinding, crunching

Jaws are clenched

Why this tenseness

Why this stress

While I’m sleeping,

teeth are gnashing

Why not stop

and start relaxing?

Flossing and brushing and taking good care

I value my teeth and do my share

What a trick – this sneak attack

 A modicum of control is all I ask!

I like to plan and seek and know

I line my ducks all in a row

Always think I must be cautious

But can’t be vigilant while unconscious

So at night things get quite raucous

Meditation, more action, less caffeine?

Will that turn night fright to a dream?

How to monitor if it’s so?

(An accountant’s need to balance and know)

Seeking a cure that’s iron clad

and biting into bite splints just makes me mad

Let it happen

if it must

Grind my teeth

right into dust