This Morning There is Sun Shining on Us

Sun in August

   in the Morning


   and warm


   and inviting

It calls me out

   to play

It calls me

   to remember

      the pull of exploration

      the draw of each new day

I am not a child

so what will I play?

I can walk awhile

and join up with today



I seem to misplace

my particular path

losing perspective

and losing it fast

Then I remember that everything shifts

sooner or later

the apathy lifts

remembering to remember

could become one of my gifts

I Don’t Know Much

I don’t know much

I control even less

I’m out of touch

I can only guess

In spite of it all

I consider it fine

to muddle along

and change my mind



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What will comfort me?

There is so much good in my life

Why would I focus on the irritants of work

the instability of software

the unpredictable repercussions

of unexplainable glitches

and yet I do

Angst takes up space in my brain

without even asking permission

it assumes it can do this

sets up household

makes coffee

and finds a comfortable chair

and I let it stay

Where is my gumption?

Now is the time to let it go

even if only for a while

and eventually maybe it just stops by

for a brief visit before moving far, far away

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I work so hard at work

and then I wonder why

I guess it really matters

So I let it fly

I know it is of some import

where I work and what I do

but how much?

What is it that I’m giving?

What is it that I get?

I’m trying to make a living

and yet…

and yet.

I wonder.



Raspberries from our garden

make me happy

Rewards of Summer Part 2

IMG_3646That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Flowers for Butterflies Part 2


Flowers for Butterflies


Rewards of Summer