Oggi Sono Certo


Here is one more summer re-run :)

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Oggi sono certo

ma domani non sa mai


Today I am certain

but tomorrow never knows

Can’t see what’s behind the curtain

This is how the story goes

If mysteries were compelling

instead of so distressing

I daresay I’d be happier

but then, I’m only guessing

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Oval Beach


A pretty view in Saugatuck, Michigan at Oval Beach

Whose beach this is we cannot  know

But for today, I claim it

The waves and sand put on a show

I walk on through the ebb and flow

and Robert Frost will never know

It’s not always


One more time…

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We have achieved morning

without even trying

With no effort of our own, the sun has shown itself

I’m pretty sure there is a lesson in there somewhere

I see my fears play out over what if’s and maybe’s;

to what avail?

Unlikely scenarios take on monstrous proportions;


And then I come back to myself and find some compassion

And notice the day has arrived at the right time

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Refried Beans


Simple recipe:

A layer of tortilla chips, refried beans, slices of avocado, chopped onion, black olives, sliced tomato and salsa, topped with cilantro. 
So good.



And so it begins

one tomato at a time

The long awaited arrives

I have doubts every time

Will the miracle repeat itself?

Will the garden survive?

It reminds me of science

and cause and effect

and all of the wonders

that life will present

All of our struggles

can turn on a dime

one garden,

one moment,

one day

at a time

My Girl


An encore not requested…

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ImageMy two-year old announced with glee
so many years ago to me
when I grow big and you get little —
she glanced up from her story book
We can both be Goldilockses —
reality was on the hook

I watched this eager one begin
to philosophize on angels and pin
to find her way through space and time
This search is hers and yours and mine

Existentialism brings me down
When I simply look around
Can random be the explanation
for all this intricate creation?

I try loving the questions,
as Rilke said,
though sometimes
it just hurts my heart and my head
I seek to live with joy, and not dread
but I’d love to know the answers!

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No Matter What – revisited

No matter what…

Are you a little bit tired of hearing that you can be happy,  “NO MATTER WHAT?”

I am tired of seeing it, too — in print, in book titles, on web sites, on t.v. and wherever else it pops up.

Get me, I am consciously and consistently grateful for all the wonderful people and things and amenities in my life.  I practice not taking it all for granted.  I notice when I feel no pain or illness whenever I start to be impatient or whiny.

See, I even posted this photo of this  fresh fruit, just because I am so very appreciative and happy to witness such beautiful abundance.

I even tried living each day as if it were my last, but people really do get tired of me running in circles screaming, “I’m gonna’ die! I’m gonna’ die!”

The point is, I get the essential lesson.  I accept the importance of soaking up all the blessings and being very cognizant and deeply appreciative, but that really does not stop the hot flashes, followed by chills and the overwhelming sense of foreboding, followed by a deep and abiding confidence that all will be well.  Oy, with the emotional roller-coaster, already.

What tires me out is the assurances that all you need to do is be in-the-moment and life will be a happy journey.   Maybe so, but when it gets down to the brass tacks of the guiding principles of happiness achievement, there is very little brass and only two or three tacks.   A decided lack of substance.

Possible conclusion:  A person is not likely to be happy at all times.  Essentially happy is possible, but sad hits; then it passes, like quarterbacks and time and everything else.  All things.  Experience it, and move on to the next particular sensation.  Maybe.

In spite of all this, I do like the book, The Happiness Project” (by Gretchen Rubin)  — very thoughtful — good quotes.

So, never-mind.


Call me out

   to take a walk

   to stumble over words

   and talk

Spilling over into gray

    all my thoughts go out to play



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Just read an article about how GOOD it is to eat meat — supposed to be research-based.

Oh for crying out loud.  Every other research-based book or article I’ve read says the exact opposite.  

Example: http://nutritionstudies.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/tccCNS-More_Plants_on_the_Plate.pdf

It’s a conundrum. 

When I look at my own experience, I still lean towards the whole food, plant-based diet.  When I switched to that, I lost weight, stopped getting a really bad headache every couple of weeks, skin conditions cleared up, body functions functioned better, blood test results improved. 

When I occasionally eat butter or other animal-based food, nothing terrible happens, but I do tend to gain a couple of pounds  every-single-time.

So, there’s that.  Perhaps the verdict is still out, but I think I’ll go with my gut.  As in, which way of eating makes my gut feel better.

I miss eating cheese, but I don’t miss the almost immediate skin reaction that…

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