I’m consistently trying to figure things out

I wonder and wander through pages of doubt

After resolving an issue or two

Seventeen others arise into view

It’s exasperating and challenging and stupid and fun

with all sorts of emotions rolled into one

Mostly, I’m grateful for how things unfold

It could all wind up tragic

if truth would be told

Surely that’s life

It goes up

It goes down

My goal is to greet it with less of a frown

We are all kinds of brave as we face-off each trial

and our arms are wide open as life kicks us a smile





A Nod to Joyce Kilmer


ImageI thought that I would never see
the day I’d rhyme about a tree
or wax poetic on the sound
of birds outside my window

But now that I am fully grown
and sorting life out on my own
common background themes and schemes
Are drawing my attention

I thought that I would never see
the age that I have come to be
These days and nights and sun and rain
I do not dare to squander

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I want to get back to the mind set when I was a kid and didn’t worry about who got elected and what could go wrong because of it.

I would like to be informed but detached from the outcome.

Bewitched, bothered and befuddled am I!




The Wall

My formidable tennis opponent.

It’s just a wall

After all

Back to Peace

Wake up happy

Wake up sad

Think of all the good we had

Why spend so much time feeling bad?

Sometimes sad just seems to find me

Grabs me up and takes me down

Shakes me up and lets me frown

In random moments I remember

to bring my thoughts away from me

Do something fun or complicated

Let time pass with concentration

and trust I will get back to peace


Summer Days

I am quite smitten with these last, lingering days of summer

The sunny breezes and green, green grasses

And the incredible blue of the blue, blue skies

With soft and textured and many-layered clouds

and all the impossibly gorgeous colors

blending together

It could make a person wax poetic

if one knew how to wax that way

A Mention


It is very good to be feeling good right this minute

I suddenly noticed today

— and what a find —

that nothing hurts

in body or mind 

— and how often does that happen?


I suddenly realized

I’d better give a thought

to the lovely and sublime

that surround us

all the time

Even though the crass and cruel

scream for our attention

seems like the wonderful stuff

deserves at least a mention




A Bit of a Thought

 Feeling disgruntled from time to time

…….and I don’t realize just what gives.

Feeling gruntled seems better, by wide and by far;

but I’m not really sure what that is.

Obviously,  I had to research the meaning;

and it’s ” humorous, pleased, satisfied, and


So to wish to be gruntled is in no way


Never heard that word said;  not one time; never said it;

But I will; very soon, and I shall not regret it



From 2012 – An Old Low

I have just hit the a new low!  As of today, I have lost 25 pounds.  Makes me feel good!
So, it turns out I am five feet tall (okay, 4′ 11″ and 3/4) and I weigh 120 pounds; in my twenties I weighed around 105 pounds (I was still 4’11” and 3/4) so I have not yet hit that “ideal” weight.  I’m not sure if I will get to that point, but we will see what happens.  If I even hit 115, I will be happy and amazed.  At this weight I am happy and amazed!
It’s taken about a year and nine months to lose this weight, so by the two-year mark, maybe I will hit the goal of 115.
The best part is, I like the way I eat now, and I don’t view it as a temporary diet.  I’m not feeling, as I have in previous weight loss attempts, that it is something I am suffering through until I can go back to eating not-so-nutritious food.
Greens, beans, onions and all kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, berries, seeds and nuts and other fruit of all kinds, are the main types of food I eat; with a smattering of bread (carefully chosen with an eye on ingredients).  Still no dairy EXCEPT cream in my coffee (2-4 tablespoons per day) — can’t quite find a replacement that tastes great yet.
For exercise, I walk; my goal is to do this each day but it’s been more like three times per week until the last couple of months or so.  I lift weights intermittently— need to get a better schedule for strength training.  I’m starting a yoga class next week, to help with this.  And I am trying to learn to meditate because in spite of all the great health benefits I’ve experienced with this “eat-to-live” stuff, I am still wound up a bit too tight and anxiety and worry follow me around on some of the days of my life, in somewhat unpredictable cycles, like the cloud around Pigpen.  In this regard, another reference to Peanuts; I take it one day at a time, or like Charlie Brown said once, maybe a half of a day at time—good advice abounds in that comic strip!
All in all, I have to say:

TWENTY FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! and I feel good!

P.S.  I am 59 years old (yikes) and I have been able to do this dramatic shift in eating habits even at my old age so, see, it’s possible, it is.  I just wanted to say my age because pretty soon I will be into a new decade and that sounds really ancient to me, but old is the best option available it seems.

Let It Be

Let good news

            be good news

Let that be my style

Let some things be okay

at least for awhile

Getting all twisted

and messed up forever

can wait until Tuesday

or Thursday              

         or never