Arizona Cardinal

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Climbing out of this excavation

presents as no easy task

Understanding each situation

is more than a fool could ask

In spite of obstructions

I throw in my path

I prepare to proceed

with minimal wrath

Discord of any persuasion

can be viewed as a startling threat

Is there a way to shine on  without struggle?

Well, I sure haven’t met it yet

Leaning Towards Maybe – Revisited

IImage‘m leaning towards maybe
and that’s as certain as I get
we might be there tomorrow
or not
I can’t say yet

I’m just a cock-eyed pessimist
with my chair perched toward the door
I think it’s safe to stay here
but you never know for sure

Sometimes I feel so happy
I forget to get upset
but the world is quite unstable
and I haven’t fixed it yet

So I observe and feel quite anxious
I observe and feel quite glad
to engage is from my mother
to be cautious, from my dad

It doesn’t mean I’m crazy
and it doesn’t mean I’m not
On some days I am quite content
and thrilled with what I’ve got

It’s all a contradiction
that plays out in my head
but I’d rather be confused and here
than absolute
and dead

All About the Colors



Once upon a time I heard a news reporter quote a politician who said, “We don’t want people riding the subway with their fingers crossed.  We want to assure them that it’s safe.”

……and I wondered, why not?   I seem to go through life with my fingers crossed.

With fingers crossed and an open heart

I make my way through the angles and curves

Though no one can ever assure me it’s safe

No matter what branch of government he serves

Some days and nights I consider the cost

and make shaky plans to get them uncrossed






The Price of Antenna TV

Came home and my pen

had nothing to say to me

I criticize myself

for watching too much TV

The commercials can bring me down

About broken hips and knees

The nation is growing old

and living in misery;

at least they’d have us believe

by images tossed around

Just buy our scooter or brace

and all that is lost is found

and medicare always pays

for every thing that you see

Contact us right away

and then you will all be free

Reverse your mortgage

Reverse your pain

Reverse your age

So much to gain

Guaranteed to work or you’ll get your money back

Just turn it off 

and watch the screen fade to black


And What About Water?

IMG_1597Don’t drink water before you eat a meal

Don’t drink it during either, that’s part of the deal

Don’t drink water after, it will impair digestion

Just when you get to drink it seems to beg the question

of when you drink those eight glasses that somebody said we must

It’s starting to be difficult to learn just who to trust

How ’bout when you’re thirsty, grab some H20

Our body’s built to tell us what we need to know

If that weren’t true, our species would be dead

because they didn’t have the internet to tell them what was said

Good Enough

IMG_3076Healthy me 

healthy you

healthy talk

that isn’t true

Am I becoming quite obsessed

with anything that’s not the best?

Good enough is good enough

I am sick of all this stuff

Green Smoothies Controversy

spinach smoothie with peaches

Oh, for gods sake!   Now a slew of people are posting negatives about green smoothies.  Many of the comments questioned the conclusion that blending foods is somehow dangerous and these comments made more sense than the articles.

After reading a dozen or so of these, I came upon an article by Tracy Russell that offers a perspective that  makes sense to me:

How can it be bad to substitute a smoothie with greens and veggies and fruit for the god-awful stuff people usually eat!  

Dr. Thomas M. Campbell (on the T. Colin Campbell website) doesn’t recommend smoothies, but he did say this about them:

“Do I hate all smoothies all the time? Of course not. I know green smoothie consumers who put all the vegetables or fruits they eat for their entire day into the smoothie. Without the smoothie, they likely won’t consume any fruits or vegetables. Replacing the smoothie with a fast food egg and bacon sandwich is a dubious proposition, so I don’t always push hard to get rid of the smoothies.”

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn mocks and knocks the use of smoothies, but Dr.Joel Furhman seems to disagree as he includes smoothie recipes and calls them blended salads.

Another take on the controversy:

Let’s see what all the bad food is now:  meat, eggs, fish, chicken, dairy, sugar, beans, lack of beans, processed food, rice, fruit, starchy food, blended food, cold food, salads, anything cooked, anything not cooked, microwaved foods, boiled greens, raw greens, potatoes, lack of potatoes, oil, lack of oil, etc, etc, etc.

AARRGGHHH!  I get that animal protein is not ideal (and even that is questioned by some) and refined sugar is off the charts bad, but beyond that, I am not convinced.  The focus on every teeny aspect of food is disconcerting.   Can it be true that you will be ill  if you prepare your food incorrectly, or cook it too much or too little,  or combine it  incorrectly or even look at it sideways?  I understand that you may ingest more nutrients one way or another, but, seriously, it’s a wonder anyone is still alive and happy in this world!

Comments, anyone?  Tell me something good!

The Day After the Night of Being Awake Way Too Many Hours in a Row (or Insomnia Gets Old Faster Than I Do)





Let me try to not take in

these negative calculations

that are hounding me again and again

Could be I must lower

my already low


and accept that life will be

less smooth

on occasion