Another Path

A Path

Brumbled through the day

Made it work okay

Resolved to find a way

to not be led astray

Obstacles ’round each turn

as I accidentally learn.

Relying on the expertise of others

and my underlying aptitude

I pushed on with dogged persistence,

clumsy vigor and gratitude.

Some days are like that

Some days roll easier

Needed to find a word for the stumbling, bumbling, rumbling progress;

—settled on brumble—

as I brumbled through the day





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Little Windmill

IMG_4661Oh, how I wish again

I was in Michigan

Oh, wait…

I am in Michigan

This is a little windmill in Holland, Michigan

About an hour away from here

where I am

in Michigan

On a very cold day

in May

Nothing Much

I am under the illusion

that it could be very good

while entertaining some confusion

as I almost always would

As I study on delusion

it begins to call me out

Do I over-rate my judgment

and my certainty

…and doubt?



A Beautiful Day



Smoothing Parts


On Mother’s Day

Time goes clacking along

Day after day after day

It clacks and carries on

As if I am not even here

And yet, I am



A Passing Thought in the Night

The night is lovely, dark and deep

I wish to God I’d fall asleep

Instead of sleep I lie awake

With a mind that cannot

find the brake

…and a slightly queasy belly ache

and then suddenly………sleep sneaks in

which is a nice resolution

and a bit of a win.


Step Back

At a distance you can see more clearly

A myopic inversion

A mind-ly excursion

Step back…

and see more clearly