Under the Cupboard

IMG_3977Under the cupboard

and over the moon

in the middle of February

longing for June

Not wishing

to wish away

the now for the then

but longing

to bathe in

some sunshine again




Back to Basics, Basically


IMG_4272Pounds are creeping,

creep, creep, creeping

up on me

Must be heading

back, back, back

to where I need to be

Before it’s out of hand

Getting back

on the track

On the cusp

Positively cusp-y












Sharing My World 47

Source: Sharing My World 47


IMG_4254I just really like my new watch!

There is no other purpose for this post.

I’m pretty sure people will like me better now that I have this watch.

Well, maybe not…….but I really like my new watch!

(Thank you Kari and Tony)


Practice of Sorts

Break free

Move to higher ground

Avoid future traps

Opportunities abound

Cliches may be predictable

But a grain of truth resides

Rumination may not lead the way

Who is the who who decides?

Break free and then break free

Develop new rituals that take you

     where you want to be.

Just like you brush your teeth —

      you could habitually take a walk

           or chronically notice the good stuff.

You are enough.

“My experience is what I agree to attend to.” said William James.



Thornton Wilder

Just a reminder from this guy:

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate.”

–Thornton Wilder

How About Now

IMG_3097When will I be so collected

as to be somewhat unaffected

by the uncertain and unexpected

When will I ever just accept it

Whether vulnerable or well-protected

Oh, lord it’s hard to be humble

I feel humbled lately by my own vulnerability and it focuses my attention on how impatient I sometimes am with the missteps and mistakes of others — as if I am so completely centered at all times. I am not. And sometimes I just catch a break and for that, I am grateful. What if I am neither as wonderful or hopelessly inadequate as I respectively and alternately think I am?  In other words: I like grape jelly.

I’m at a loss…

I’m still short, but twenty two pounds are gone, gone, gone!  and I owe it all to fruits and vegetables :-)
Seriously, I did not think this would work out.  Speaking of working out,  I do need to do more of that.